System Architect

System Architect

Strategize, execute and manage change with IBM Enterprise Architecture solutions
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IBM® Rational® System Architect® enables organizations to plan, control, streamline -- and innovate. Drive better-informed decisions and deliver innovation your customers demand with enterprise architecture solutions from IBM.

Main features:

- IT planning and optimization - Build an effective IT portfolio by identifying areas for consolidation and reuse and unlocking operational budgets required to fund innovation.
- Maintaining business efficiency - Execute business transformation that helps eliminate organizational waste, resulting in increased productivity.
- Service architecture management - Construct effective solutions out of enterprise and business elements that may create new or updated elements that can be used in future projects.
- More-effective management of systems of systems - Evaluate architectures across multiple systems, perform capability analysis planning and help maximize funding.
- Enterprise resource planning (ERP) and core systems governance - Attain control of your ERP deployments by standardizing components, data and functions as well as understanding dependencies across the organization.
- Harvest and consolidate information, build reports based on Cognos, and perform analysis to guide successful decisions
- Leverage one multi-user environment with support for all areas of modeling, including business and strategy modeling, component and object modeling, data modeling, and more
- System Architect 11.4 now supports enhanced usability, an improved web platform, PowerPoint interoperability, integrations to Asset Management, and support for DoDAF 2.0

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